Fly into Scottsdale for Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery

Out of Town Patients

Patients who desire breast augmentations, gynecomastia and other procedures that do not require long recovery periods, “travel plastic surgery” can offer many advantages. For the out of town patient who desire the highest quality of a former Mayo Clinic, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon (click here to see Dr. Lille’s additional qualifications) and service without the prices of Beverly Hills, New York City or San Francisco, you’ve come to the right place.

The Phoenix International airport is 18 miles from Dr. Lille’s practice. Out of town patients will require a friend or a relative with them for the first night of recovery and to transport them to and from the surgery center.  If the patient is traveling alone, we can arrange for a caretaker to assist you. If you require lodging during your recovery stay, Dr. Lille has a special relationship with a fabulous resort in the Scottsdale area. The patient can recover in luxury while the partner can take advantage of the resort amenities including golf, tennis or the various professional sports teams in the Valley. Please click on the link below to take advantage of our special discounted price with the Scottsdale Resort and Athletic Club.

For those seriously contemplating this option, please e-mail Dr. Lille’s staff your interest of procedure. We will provide an approximate quote. If you wish to proceed further, please send via e-mail:

  1. Photos of the area you wish to enhance (front, side and oblique)
  2. Your medical history
  3. Medication list
  4. Current Age
  5. Smoking history

After reviewing your pertinent history, Dr. Lille will then direct you to your next step prior to coming to Arizona. Once the patient is cleared from a medical standpoint, you will arrive one day before the surgery, and stay an additional 4 nights (Breast Aug patients only) after the procedure (gynecomastia procedures may require additional time). Follow-up is conducted with photos via e-mail at no additional charge. You may call us with any questions!

Example: Estimated  projected cost

Scottsdale Resort Lodging – $100 per night (depending on the season)

Flights from LAX to PHX – $150 per person (estimated)

Total cost for Dr. Lille’s Breast Aug – $3,999

Total estimated cost (includes flight tickets for two and lodging) to travel to Scottsdale with Breast Aug procedure – approximately $5,000

Average cost for Breast Aug by a reputable Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles area – $9,000 – $12,000

TOTAL SAVINGS -$4,000 to $7,000!!