Scottsdale Gynecomastia Surgical Procedure

Gynecomastia Surgery

The process of gynecomastia involves the removal of male breast tissue and the reduction of fatty tissue around the glandular area of the areola (nipple complex). Using the latest in ultrasonic liposuction (Vaser liposelection), the procedure reduces the size of one’s breast as the skin is promoted to shrink and contract after the procedure.

While each gynecomastia procedure is unique to the patient, during the initial consultation, Dr. Lille discusses the benefits and risks of the surgery while discussing realistic expectations.

The most important aspect of the surgical process is choosing the right surgeon. When deciding on the surgeon to perform your surgery, experience and expertise are of the utmost importance. Dr. Lille’s outcome results have been extraordinary using this combined technique of open resection of breast tissue and Vaser liposelection of fatty tissue.

Surgical Procedure

Refining and improving upon the techniques of surgeons that came before him, Dr. Lille has taken these time-tested tools to create his own gynecomastia procedures. Coordinating his techniques with the unique necessities of the patients, Dr. Lille consults with his patients to reach their expected goals. Starting with an injection of tumescent fluid, Vaser liposelection is then performed through a small incision in the armpit to liquify the fat content of the chest. Liposuction is then performed using very small cannulas to remove the emulsified fat and further contour the chest. One of the primary goals of Dr. Lille is to promote as much skin contraction as possible. The Vaser allows Dr. Lille to brush the undersurface of the skin to maximize skin contraction, much like a laser to the skin surface for wrinkles! By allowing the skin to shrink to the maximum extent, Dr. Lille helps promote a natural shape.